Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Follow the Signs!

I have a road themed post over at http://www.thecrankyquilter.com/ so I decided to continue the theme here with some fun road signs. 

Now, who can resist the bright green "Go" sign?  It makes me want to get up and Go!

Ok, now that we're off and running it's probably a good idea to warn those around us.  Quilting can be dangerous; the pins, the needles, the scissors, the expletives, the rotary cutter blades.  Yes, I think people should be warned of the danger, not only to themselves physically, but also because they just might want to start quilting too!

Before we can really start moving forward we have to let go of the burdens of our past.  If you have W.I.P.s (works in progress), that you know you'll never finish, this is the time to let them go.  Donate them, toss them, have a bonfire in the backyard....it doesn't matter.  The point is to learn how to let go of our learning experiences without guilt.  It isn't necessary to complete every project, sometimes they're just there to teach us something.  So, toss without guilt and move on down the road.

This is a Work in Progress sign.  It looks like this person is shoveling something, perhaps scraps from a marathon rotary cutting session?  Gotta clean up the work space!

 Remember it's always forward, keep moving forward, don't give up!
Even when the road is rocky and there are lots of unexpected obstacles in your way.

Don't even think about making a U-turn.  You're on the road Baby, you're getting there!

Yield to no one!  Snarky comments?  Ignore them! Self doubts?  Kick them in the behind!

Now you've run the course, you've won the race, and you're ready to take your quilt on the road.  Remember not everyone comes out on top, but you can still win if you bet on  "Win, Place, or Show."

Feel the fear, but kick it to the back of the bus!



Staci said...

I love that you put the Tweets on the SHOW OFF sign! inspired!

Staci said...

Been thinking about this post off and on at odd moments. Guilt. Such a necessary feeling, but one that no one enjoys. That is what I feel whenever I look at some of my WIP's. I think about the time and money invested in them and feel they must be finished, even if I don't want them/don't like them. And it is NUTS!
Because I believe you should never keep objects around that make you unhappy, even if they were expensive or given to you as a gift, whatever. Object=negative feelings means it is time to toss it out.
What is it about these wads of fabric that I can't let them go?